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High Peformance
Business Coaching


You may not be aware but rules in the workplace are changing, rules about leadership, about who will be employed about what organizations will survive. Work environments are now being judged by a new yardstick, not just by how intellectually smart we are or by our training or expertise.

The new yardstick is Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a collection of personal, emotional, social competencies that determine not only who will be the star performers in the workplace but overall life success. What gives the edge is not what you know but how you handle yourself and others which is the essence of EQ.

In today’s work environment people need to be adaptable and flexible in their thinking and behaviour to meet the challenges of constant change. They need to be able to move easily in and out of new teams, new circumstances and diverse environments to create opportunities and build strong relationships with new colleagues and clients. Consummate skills are required to manage stress to avoid burnout and loss of effectiveness.

Empathy and social skills are essential in recognizing and anticipating needs and results in transformational leadership, collaboration and inspiring and building teams. Workers also need effective communication skills and to learn empowering cognitive strategies to enable them to succeed in their goals despite setbacks and obstacles.

Emotional Intelligence competencies can be learned and require practice until he new habit is mastered. Unwanted habits of thought, feeling and behaviour can be changed to bring about new relationship and behavioural patterns which create sustained improvement in performance.

This powerful coaching program is experiential and is designed for participants to achieve star performance at any level in an organization, building dynamic careers and achieving work-life balance. The key is that with the learning of certain skills participants so transform their lives to achieve success in every dimension. This not only gives the competitive edge but enables personal and relationship fulfilment. The coaching creates a platform of competencies from which participants can direct their lives more powerfully. The results impact the individual as well as his/her team with a powerful on flow within the company.

The High Performance Coaching program is unique in that the aim is for creating long-term and permanent change in the individual which is extended to all areas of their lives. The skills training is creative and often intense. Trust is built from the outset and the highly skilled coaches use the tools and practices of Emotional Intelligence in one on one coaching sessions.

We are committed to making a difference to out program participants’ lives and having them achieve extraordinary results and successes.

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