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Dear Cynthia,

I write to express our gratitude to you for providing the wonderful Keynote for our third Psychotherapy In Australia conference in July 2002. I know that for many attendees it was the highlight of the conference, and given that we had over sixty events presented by many outsanding professionals from Australia and overseas, that's really saying something.

You Keynote titled The Human Face of Corporate Culture struck just the right note with attendees who applauded your dynamism, humour, and streamlined yet highly professional presentation. Further, your selection of the concept of Emotional Intelligence as a pathway into corporate culture was appreciated by the many practitioners present who had perhaps been thinking of moving into serving a corporate clientele but who were also aware that they needed to give their counselling and psychotherapy expertise a more neutral face for executives. Your extension of the notion of Emotional Intelligence into Intuitive and Spiritual Intelligences was just the icing on the cake of a presentation that I'm sure opened the eyes of many present.

Once again, thank you for your hard work and our appreciation of a job very well done.

Dr Len Oakes
Editor: Psychotherapy in Australia

I first met Dr Davis-Lockwood following a presentation by her on the subject of Emotional Intelligence. I was impressed by her speaking abiilities and by the content of her presentation.

At the time of attending the presentation, I had been considering the implementation of a leadership program for all of my partners and non legal managers. The idea of emotional intelligence in the workplace being the missing ingredient, had been a notion entirely foreign to me before the presentation.

I arranged to have Dr Davis-Lockwood present a 12 week leadership course on Emotional Intelligence and leadership and can say without doubt, that it has been the most successful program undertaken at Mills Oakley.

Already, staff are benefitting from a more empathic approach by Team Leaders and the results are beginning to bear fruit in the form of improved productivity and performance overall.

Dr Davis-Lockwood has an extraordinary ability to convey a difficult subject (for some!) in a simple and understandable way and is outstanding as a presenter on the field of leadership and its relationship with emotional intelligence.

I can't recommend her too highly.

Stephen Moulton
Managing Partner
Mills Oakley Lawyers

The February meeting of the Leadership Development Group, on the topic of emotional intelligence, was a fantastic success! Your presentation was outstanding. This was the largest audience that our special interest group has ever had and it was obvious how positively participants viewed it.

Some of the words I heard whilst moving around after your presentation included "faultless... inspiring... even better than last time... I am going to tell my CEO about this, we need this type of thing... this could make a big difference to me... her personality really made it... she touched me".

Thank you again for agreeing to present last night and following through in such a brilliant way, it was just great. It was my role to find the best speaker for this important topic, so I won kudos from my colleagues because of your excellent performance.

Don Kampf
For the Leadership Development Group Committee
Australian Institute of Management

This presentation was an outstanding success and the staff left the workshop with very positive thoughts, were highly motivated and expressed gratitude and satisfaction that a workshop and presentation could be so informative and self gratifying.

Thank you for this wonderful presentation and the brilliant way which you delivered every segment. My staff have since thanked me for organizing such a fantastic workshop. 

Pamela Elliot
Chief Executive Officer
Workways Association Inc.

Your talk on emotional intelligence was a great success, with many of our members and their guests commenting afterwards how much they enjoyed it and the things they realised about themselves and how they relate to others.

At our regular MIAA lunches we attempt to bring to our members a range of speakers from within and outside of the industry. Your presentation was a highlight of recent years' speakers and one that I have no doubt will be remembered for a long time.

Gerald Foley
State President
Mortgage Industry Association of Australia

Re: LINK Recruitment Presentation

Thank you very much for the two fabulous presentations you did in April to both our city clients and our suburban office client groups.

Feedback from both clients and LINK Recruitment staff has been outstanding. In fact, you could hear a pin drop in the room when you read your closing poem!

We had innumerable requests for further information which we are pleased to have passed onto you.

I was greatly encouraged to hear how the concept of "emotional intelligence - IQ" is being eagerly embraced by the corporate world.

So thank you very much for your time and expertise - it is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of LINK Recruitment, I look forward to further opportunities to work with you again.

Anne Gronow
National Marketing Manager
LINK Recruitment

Your excellent presentation titled "From Uptight To All Right" to my CEO Institute Syndicate 14 Group last week touched the "spot".

Your presentation was "great, gripping, galvanising, gay, generous, genial, genius, genuine, giving, gnostic, gracious, and of course gobsmacking".

Ian J MacDonald
Chairman - CEO Syndicate 14
The CEO Institute Pty Ltd