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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

This Program, which is delivered using group coaching sessions, teaches the elements of high performance leadership and emotional intelligence competence. The program enables an executive team to increase its ability to bring change and innovation to the workplace, leading to a sustainable outstanding future for the organisation. Individual coaching sessions may be beneficial to some participants.

This new leadership paradigm is counter to the way most organisations behave in focusing on short-term goals, short-term thinking, and a rigid directive culture.

This program is designed to develop high performance leadership skills in accordance with the new leadership paradigm.

Key outcomes of the program are:

  1. Define main intelligences.
  2. Define 'Emotional Intelligence' ("EQ") and 'Intuitive Intelligence'.
  3. Know the Ten Commitments of High Performance Leadership.
  4. Know the Emotional Competence framework, including personal and social competence.
  5. Know the five key areas of EQ.
  6. Know the Emotional Competence framework.
  7. Know the core Emotional Competencies: Self-awareness, Emotional Management, Empathy, Validation.
  8. Learn skills for developing the core emotional competencies: Dissociation and Relaxation, Reframing, Attunement, Communication Skills.
  9. Integration of new thinking styles into the psyche - a changed pattern of consciousness.
  10. Identify EQ issues in your workplace and apply skills.
  11. Link emotional competencies to high performance leadership styles as determined by the emotional competence framework and the Ten Commitments of High Performance Leadership.
  12. Extend individual's range of leadership styles and skills based on personal insights and feedback from team members.
  13. Plan, undertake and bring to fruition a Leadership Project with outcomes related to team benefits, customer benefits, organisation benefits and shareholder benefits.
  14. Continue leadership improvement with tangible benefits up to follow-up sessions at 3 and 6 months after program.

Key benefits include:

  1. Understanding self and other people better, to become a better leader, negotiator and salesperson.
  2. Improved teamwork, where team members appreciate and harness individual differences.
  3. Less stress, more peace and calm in your life.
  4. Shifting from the getting/grabbing/having mentality to peace/calm/contributing mentality.
  5. A greater ability to tune in with your mind and heart to local and global issues that are relevant to you.
  6. A greater ability to handle difficult situations.
  7. Feel a sense of 'internal control', and therefore experience 'external control'.
  8. Increase your personal effectiveness and productivity.
  9. Increased ability to solve problems.
  10. Increased profits!

Insanity is doing the same thing
and expecting a difference result!

Change is not only inevitable, it is mandatory.